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Cancellation and refund policy

Q. What is Celebrity's cruise or Cruisetour cancellation and refund policy?

Select fare programs require the payment at the time of booking of a nonrefundable deposit. That deposit amount shall not be refunded at any time after it has been paid. Change fees will apply to bookings for which the deposit is nonrefundable.

Cancellation of Cruise or CruiseTour

Cruises that are cancelled prior to the sail date, and CruiseTours that are cancelled prior to the first day of the CruiseTour, may be subject to a cancellation charge. The amount of the cancellation charge shall be determined as shown in the table below and shall vary depending on how far in advance of the sail date (or first day of theCruiseTour) the Operator receives notice of cancellation.

Cancellation charge (per person) for 1 to 4 night cruises (including Holiday Sailings)

  • 75+ days, No charges
  • 74 to 61 Days, 50% of total price
  • 60 to 31 Days, 75% of total price
  • 30 days or less, 100% of total price - No refund

Cancellation charge (per person) for 5 nights or longer cruises (including Holiday Sailings and CruiseTours)

  • 90+ Days, No charges
  • 89 to 75 Days, 25% of total price
  • 74 to 61 Days, 50% of total price
  • 60 to 31 Days, 75% of total price
  • 30 days or less, 100% of total price - No refund!

In the event of a cancellation of a Cruise or CruiseTour, any applicable Taxes/Fees or Fuel Supplement charges shall be refunded. For bookings made outside of the United States and Canada, a different cancellation policy may apply. Contact your local office or travel agency for details.

Cancellation notices are effective when received by the Operator.

For Passengers who have booked a CruiseTour and desire to cancel their tour portion while retaining the Cruise, refunds of the CruiseTour Fare (including any applicable supplement charges) shall be made in accordance with the following cancellation policy. Guests who convert their CruiseTours to a cruise only booking within forty-two (42) days of the start date of the tour segment of the CruiseTour will be subject to a cancellation charge. The amount of that charge varies depending on the location of the CruiseTour and/or its length. For the specific amount of the charge, visit Our FAQ section.

The cancellation charge policies set forth above vary for single occupancy or for the third, fourth or higher occupants in a stateroom or for groups. Consult your travel agency or call Celebrity for further details.

Cancellation by the Passenger after the Cruise or CruiseTour has begun, early disembarkation of the Passenger for any reason, including pursuant to any provision of this Ticket Contract, or “no-shows” shall be without refund, compensation, or liability on the part of the Carrier whatsoever.

If Carrier received payment via credit card, the refund will be made to that credit card. If Carrier received payment from your travel agent, the refund will be provided back to that travel agent.

Carrier reserves the right to offer promotional cruise fares or other offers that may modify the cancellation policies set forth above.

For cancellations of air flights, hotel stays, transfer services, shore excursions, pre-purchased amenities, CruiseCare, pre-booked services (such as spa, photography or wedding services) and pre-booked arrangements such as specialty dining, see the applicable terms and conditions for any applicable cancellation charges.

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