Övriga resevillkor

~ Holland America Line ~

Travel Insurance/Protection
Carrier strongly recommends that You obtain Your own insurance and/or travel protection against loss or damage to baggage and personal effects, trip cancellation and emergency evacuations, accidental death or injury, and illness and medical expenses sustained or incurred in connection with Your Cruise, Cruisetour and/or Land Trip(s).

If You have purchased Standard Cancellation or Your own insurance and/or travel protection, You must notify Carrier or the Insurer of any cancellation as soon as possible and in accordance with all applicable requirements. Refunds or credits available under the Standard Cancellation Protection program are subject to the terms of said program and must be claimed through the process described in the program documents. If You purchased Your air tickets through Carrier, all airline tickets are the property of Carrier and must be returned to and are refundable only to Carrier.

Travel Advisor
Your travel advisor is Your agent and acts for You in making the arrangements for Your Cruise, Cruisetour, Land Trip(s), and any related travel, lodging, shore excursions, and tours. Carrier is not responsible for any representation or conduct of Your travel advisor, including but not limited to, any failure to remit Your deposit or other monies to Carrier, for which You shall at all times remain liable to Carrier, or any failure to remit a refund from Carrier to You. You acknowledge that Your travel advisor acts solely as Your agent, and not as agent for Carrier, and is deemed as Your agent. Further, receipt by Your travel advisor of this Cruise Contract or any other communications, notices or information from Carrier shall constitute receipt of such materials by You. You agree Carrier is not responsible for the financial condition or integrity of any such travel advisor. In the event that Your travel advisor fails to remit to Carrier any monies paid by You to the advisor, You remain liable for the monies due Carrier, regardless of whether Carrier demands payment. No refund, payment, compensation or credit of any kind will be provided by Carrier, should You or Your travel advisor have to cancel or cut short Your Cruise, unless You have purchased Standard Cancellation Protection, meet the eligibility criteria, and make a claim through the process described in Your program documents.